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Sunday, January 8, 2012

74#Ai no Kotoba ~ Sakura & Syaoran


I'm bored. Although I have so many anime and K-dorama yang belum habis aku tengok, I'm still boring. Currently I'm re-watching Cardcaptor Sakura by CLAMP :D my all time fav anime tu~ Aku tengok sejak elementary school lagi. Consisting of 3 seasons and 70 episodes. I love Sakura-Syaoran Couple. Cute betul mereka berdua tu *wink. Both of them are totally cute~ 

Sakura & Syaoran in CCS

I'm also adore them in Tsubasa Chronicle. Tsubasa Chronicle is also CLAMP's project. In Tubasa Chronicle, most of the characters are crossover from CLAMP's previous projects such as Cardcaptor Sakura, xxxHOLiC, X and etc.

 Sakura & Syaoran in Tsubasa :)

Saya memang gilakan anime. Don't mad at me. Peace no war ;) But, I fall for Fye D. Flourite, Sakura&Syaoran's companion in their journey searching for Sakura's feathers. 

Fye is a magician who has a dark past. There goes Tsubasa Chronicle~


Reading Gives Us a Place to Go When We Have to Stay Where We Are

Monday, January 2, 2012

73#Ai no Kotoba ~ Cute Freshie and Tutti :)


2 Januari 2011. Aku tak rasa macam tahun baru pun? What's new year? It just like a new day after yesterday. Aku memang macam ni. People wished for Happy New Year on their blogs and I didn't. It's just me.

Pagi-pagi lagi aku dah ke sekolah, even though I'm not a student anymore. Today, our Form One students have their pendaftaran kat sekolah dan aku pergi tolong Cikgu Naeimah. I'm in charged for their text books. Faiz said there's 1000 application for our school entrance. Mangaii~ Banyaknya. Tapi, just 320 can make it. Itu pun yang datang daftar dalam 180 aje. Yang lain pakat pergi SBP kot.

I'm having so much fun. Tengok muka budak-budak baru kan? Ehe... Faiz as 2011's KPP went to see the new students. So charismatic? Haha :D

Me & Pok Chek~ dah naik Form 4 dah dia~ haha

Faiz (blue-purple) & Bob

It's almost 3.30 pm and Cikgu Naeimah said she want treat me, Juniey and Faiz for some Tutti Frutti. Since cikgu drove me and Juniey home, we agreed but Faiz couldn't make it. Her mak came to pick him already.

my dead chocho Tutti :) I chose for the smallest

thanks for the treat cikgu ;)

it's cikgu & Juniey

a nice treat :) thanks again cikgu 

Reading Gives Us a Place to Go When We Have to Stay Where We Are

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